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Our Process

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The Simple, 5-Step Process That Can Generate You $300k+ Per Month While Working Less and Charging More

SOLVE PRODUCT-MARKET-FIT: We First Solve Product-Market Fit and Focus on One Prioritized Lead Channel, And One Copywriting Framework. After Hitting $100k ARR, We’ll Begin To Broaden Our Messaging And Target A Larger Audience Base.

INSTALL SALES FUNNEL: We Show You The Right Way To Build A Sales Funnel In 2021, How We Consistently Build Sales Funnels That Attract, Engage, Nurture, And Close Our Prospects Without Us Lifting A Finger.

LEVERAGE 4 KEY TRAFFIC SOURCES: How We Quickly Identified The Most Profitable Traffic Sources To Send To Our Sales Funnel That Resulted In A 50X Return On Investment Almost Immediately.

INSTALL CASH-MACHINE SALES PROCESS: The Sales & Lead Nurturing Systems We Have In Place To Run A 15+ Person Sales Team That Converts Strangers Into Paid Customers At 40% And Within 6.5 Days.

STEP AWAY FROM YOUR BUSINESS: Install A Customized Systems & Processes Playbook For Your Agency To Spend 75% Less Time Working and Automate Your Growth With A Team Built For You. 

Why Outbound Email Marketing

Time If you don’t have a lot of money or you are selling to a very small market, outbound prosecuting will work for you. It’s extremely effective if you do it properly and learn skills such as spearing and blanketing - not just spamming Scalable Outbound prospecting scales if your ticket price is over $8k per year since you can hire commission-based end-to-end sales reps (reps who source their own leads and generate their own appointments). With a solid hiring and training process you have a team of +10 remote commission-based end-to-end reps ready to go within 1-3 months.
Mindset You will likely iterate your message multiple times and need to be patient. It could take you 2-3 months to become proficient with outbound prospecting except you learn from someone who knows what they’re talking about. It requires you to be comfortable with getting “No’s”


Frequently Asked Questions

For best results it’s important for you or your sales reps to send at least 30 personalized messages a day. If you combine our methods such s spearing and blanketing, you can reach +150 outbound messages a day per rep (at least 5-7 appointments)

A Minimum of 3 touch points, but if you are selling to sophisticated corporations or enterprise buyers ti could take 12-20 over a few week/month period.

Personalization and value add. You want to provide lots of value in the first few messages and call out something personal. Decision-makers are smart, they don’t want to feel like you didn’t invest anything into contacting them. Use your top and middle of content fro altitude.

Scaling an offer that has a ticket price below $8k per year with paid ads and end-to-end commission-based sales team is difficult and will more than likely break your Scaling Economics. Here you want to leverage our operational talent and SDR squad.

ROI is dependent on message-market resonance which is a function of personalization. With higher volume and higher reach, personalization. With higher volume and higher reach, personalization decreases, which decreases message-market resonance and decreases ROI.

Facebook and other platforms would rather see thousands of advertisers spending $100-$1k per day than one advertiser spending +10k per day as this creates a better user experience which is in Facebook’s long-term interest.

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