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Use Creative Thinking To Achieve Sustainable Success

Your company has a competent team of highly talented professionals, but are they leveraging creative thinking to achieve the most equitable business outcomes? Although some of your employees may think creatively at times, that doesn’t mean that your company is fully utilizing the creative capacity of its workforce. 

By removing the obstacles that block creative thinking in the workplace, you can build a company culture that encourages creative thinking, promoting innovation within your company. 

Common obstacles to creative thinking include overwhelming work schedules, lack of internal communication tools, unclear work orders, and lack of confidence. 

While it may seem impossible to eliminate such obstacles for the entirety of your workforce, don’t be distraught! By learning about the role of creativity in business, you can identify unique ways you can use creative thinking to promote sustainable growth in your business.


The Value of Creative Thinking

When thinking about creatives, people typically imagine the likes of painters, musicians, and other artists. Yet, there are many ways to express creativity, and one of these modes of expression is the building and nurturing of interpersonal relationships. For this reason, in today’s rapidly-moving, innovation-driven economy, the most effective leaders are usually creative people. 

And while this may be true, it isn’t until recently that creativity managed to make its way to the top of the agenda in management recruiting. This is because creative thinking often leads to unusual outcomes that can be more difficult to manage. 

Consider this; if the leaders of a business decide to take an alternative, highly creative approach to one of their marketing processes, they risk confusing their less creative stakeholders. The new process may work in theory, but without the talent necessary to implement it, the strategy cannot be implemented to its fullest capacity. 

Don’t think we’re trying to scare you away from creative thinking, though!

It’s quite the opposite, actually. 

We’ve found that creative thinkers can implement creative strategies, even in situations where the teams they are leading don’t have trained creative skills. Fortunately, creative thinkers can be found in all industries, at all levels of most organizations. In fact, a percentage of your employees are probably effective creative thinkers who are waiting for the opportunity to have their ideas heard.

Leveraging Creativity

Creativity opens the door to unique and engaging products, services, and content. If you draw on the right minds within your company, you can recast the current roles of your employees. 

Allow them to participate in the creative process of building your brand by having your team leaders engage with them to find out what they really think about what the company is doing and where the company is going. Through those observations, you and your team can formulate top-down strategies that incorporate the ideas of your most trusted stakeholders. 

The point is to tap into the creative power of your workforce. At all ranks of your company, you can find people who are capable of innovating. While some may not have jobs with significant autonomy, there are often many ways to make even the most basic process more efficient. Fast-growing companies understand this, and they leverage creativity to encourage ongoing contributions from all members of the company.

Deconstruct Business Hierarchies Using Creativity


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According to Harvard Business Review, Robert Sutton, a Stanford University professor, noted that most companies have hierarchical structures. He also states that the differences in status among people can impede the process of exchanging ideas. 

This creative roadblock stops ideas from being communicated to decision-makers, hindering the growth of businesses like yours. 

Using creative thinking, you can deconstruct this standard hierarchy and replace it with a more interdependent system that places more value on ideas created by employees who are at lower ranks of your company. 

In doing so, you can tap into pools of creative thought that you never knew existed. You can also build employee satisfaction by allowing workers the opportunity to have their ideas and opinions about the company heard by leadership.

Explore Your Brand’s Creativity

By finding the creative voice of your brand, you can further articulate your company’s vision. Through this expression, you can produce content and products that fully embody the creative spirit of your company. 

This isn’t a simple process. In fact, it can be quite complex. 

So get help from the experts at RawScale. Our brand marketing agency is equipped with the knowledge and experience needed to help you introduce unique creative elements into your brand. 

Through our initial consultation, you will discover what a creative approach to brand marketing looks like. To get started, please fill out the contact form located at the bottom of this page. 


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