A Coach's Guide To Profitability

Now is the time to transition from spending countless hours building your business to spending more time coaching and consulting the people who need you! 

A Coach’s Guide To Profitability is designed to help you visualize what you want your business to look like (6-months from now) by asking yourself where do you want to go, who will you be helping, what will you be offering, and how you will create transformation for your clients?

The End Result

The PROFITABILITY Blueprint will house each exercise in this workbook. Complete each outlined section.

Sales Goal





Your Profitability Blueprint

Where Do You Want To Go?

Success Reversed

Just like any other business model, hybrid coaching and online programs start by reverse engineering your income goal. Follow each step below. By the end of it you’ll have your KPI’s for success.

How much do you want to make per month from your group coaching or online program?

Take your revenue goal and divide that by your program’s price. That’s how many customers you will need to acquire each month


Multiply your client goal by five. Please Note: closing rates will vary from person to person. If you’re unsure, 20% is a good benchmark.


To figure out how many leads you’ll need. Multiply the number of prospects by 20.


Where will you acquire these new customers? Will you use organic or paid methods to attract new leads? Choose just one channel to focus on.


Success Statement

To achieve my goal of INCOME GOAL in monthly sales. I will need to acquire NUMBER clients at a value of $PRODUCT PRICE every single month.

Accomplishing this will require me to generate PROSPECTS strategy sessions and close CLOSE PERCENTAGE% of them.

This will require me to generate NUMBER OF LEADS leads via CHANNEL.

Who Will You Help?

Avatar Snapshot

Who will be your ideal customer?

Write a brief description of your ideal avatar. Include their age, occupation, income, and the current stage they’re at in their business or life.

What challenges are coming up in their life right now? Make sure it’s relevant to your offer, and ask yourself “is this a problem worth paying for?”

Since you can solve those challenges, what would the outcome look like for your client? How are you helping them achieve their ultimate goal? Write it down.

What will you do?

From A to B.

Who will be your ideal customer?

I help customers with ________________

The Transformation I create is _____________________

Example: I help customers find profitable investments. The outcome I deliver is helping them create residual income.

Only Statement

Plug in your answers from the previous section.

I will only work with CUSTOMERS who are motivated to get to OUTCOME in the next TIME FRAME.

Example: I will only work with INVESTORS who are motivated to get to CREATE CONSISTENT INCOME in the next THE NEXT 3 MONTHS.

How Will You Help?

Phases and Stages

First, identify the name of your program (think of something catchy that would attract your ideal customer. Next, ask yourself “what are the three major stages (Point A → Point B → Point C) I will take my customers through when they work with me that will bring transformation?” Think high-level.

Example: I will take my customers through the basics of investing, setting up a portfolio that meets their goals, and strategies for fast returns.

Do This Right Now!

Next Steps.

You’ve just completed the A Coach’s Guide To Profitability. You now have a clear direction but you might need help implementing and executing your new program. You can schedule a call with us here. We’re excited to work with you.

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