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This guide will help you to focus on your genius.

Spending what little time you have working in your business rather than on it? You, my friend, are what we called being in “Golden Handcuffs.”

Reverse Engineer What Success Looks Like To You

Do you know the metrics for your success? What does the destination look like and how will you know you successfully reached it? Once you’ve identified all those key metrics you will plug it into a statement that clearly articulates where you want to go.

Discover Who You’ll Help With Crystal Clarity

Who is the most profitable customer for your business? Maybe you already know who you want to help, or you help a wide variety of people, but you need to peel back the layers. The secret to scaling is standardization and to do that consistently you need to identify the right customer that you can easily help (like clockwork) every time without fail. That means you need to narrow down your FOCUS.

Sell Futures NOT Commodities

What transformation will you deliver? Competing on what you do makes you a commodity in a sea full of others competing just on price. Start selling transformation, futures, and outcomes. Remember: What you do is just the vehicle to get to the destination.

Identify Each Step Of Your Signature Process

What are the stages & steps that you will walk each of your customers through every time they work with you or purchase your program?

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We’re on A Mission To 1 Million Help Entrepreneurs Go From $0 To $1 Million In Less Than 12 Months By Solving Product-Market Fit With A High-Ticket Offer – Positioning You As An Authority On Social Media And Attracting Clients – Installing Funnels And Automation Systems to Automate Fulfillment And The Sales Process And Fire Yourself From The Business – Then Building A Remote Sales Team To Scale To Multi 6 Figures – Then Scaling With Paid Advertising To $1 Million+ In Annual Recurring Revenue

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